The unique vision and work of ROKPA is supported by many famous Swiss personalities.

Dr. iur. Thomas Baer

“I support ROKPA because it helps the children. I support ROKPA, because it helps immediately and locally. I support ROKPA, because it helps without any big administrative expenses. 

Please help as well!“

Christine Egerszegi, former member of the Swiss Council of States

Josef Estermann, Swiss Politician and former Mayor of Zurich

Marc Forster, Film Director & ROKPA Ambassador

"I support ROKPA because I know that the money donated goes to the childrden - to educational projects and orphanages. Future generations have to be educated in loving kindness, in order to win the struggle against poverty and social injustice. Within ROKPA people like this exist. Only by empathy and compassion for others are we able to find our own heart."

Trix Heberlein, Former member of the Swiss Council of States and member of the National Council for the Canton of Zurich

"My own experiences in Nepal convinced me of the necessity of committed help for the people and organisations supported by ROKPA.I am happy to provide my experience and support ROKPA's activities, especially as the all the donated money benefits the good work, thanks to the dedicated co-operation of many personally committed volunteers."

Philipp Keel, Publisher, Artist and Author

"My family is bound to the extraordinary engagement of ROKPA since many years. Consistent and devoted with their body and soul, the founders Lea Wyler and Dr. Akong Tulku Rinpoche are - together with their team - supporting the cause of children and grown-ups in the most remote areas of the world. Thanks to their continuous presence on site our contributions are put into action immediatly and in the best possible way. Far beyond material help ROKPA takes a stand for the dignity of every single human beeing. This goal deserves our greatest respect and needs our vigorous support."

Cyrill Koller, Auctioneer

"I'm supporting ROKPA because I stand for the idea that helping innocent children, born at a place where their chances on a happy and bearable life are small, is our obligation. For doing that, relatively little money but a huge commitment is needed - exactly as Lea Wyler is living it. I know of no other charitable organisation where a comparable high amount of the donations are directly reaching the people in need. Additionally, Lea Wyler is fundraiser, organiser and helper at the same time. She knows the local circumstances and brings help, where help is really needed."

Charles Lewinsky, Author

"With ROKPA I know that my contributions directly benefit those who need help. And that is – just after the stock market crash – the best way to invest one's money."

Dr. iur. Ellen Ringier, President of the foundation ‘Elternsein’, editor of the parenting magazine ‘Fritz+Fränzi’

"With ROKPA I have found an international organisation which is led by the two charismatic founders and directors with both great expertise and a big heart. Lea Wyler is one of the few important people in our country about whom you can seriously say that they are doing something for poor people:  ‘She truly makes a difference!’"

Roger Schawinski, Entrepreneur

"ROKPA has convinced me since many years - especially due to the fantastic commitment by Lea Wyler."

Emil Steinberger, Cabaret Artist & Author

"The word ROKPA is not that easy for us to pronounce. The process of helping these children is so simply constructed that it is a joy to watch. So many unique and wonderful examples of what ROKPA has achieved convinced me completely."

Niccel Steinberger, Author

"Whenever I think about how ROKPA has turned small, abandoned, helpless children back into people who laugh, who shine, who have a good education and emotional intelligence, people with backbone who then gladly help other children in need and are there for them, I get goose pimples.“

Franz Steinegger, Lawyer and Politician

Sandra Studer, Television Presenter & ROKPA Ambassador

“I was fortunate to have been born on the sunny side of the earth. For this I am infinitely grateful, and at the same time I do not want to meet the injustice of this world simply with helplessness. I support ROKPA, because here simple people are helped to build the corner stones for a life in dignity: Safety, Trust, Love, Education and Home."

Andreas Vollenweider, famous Harpist & ROKPA Ambassador

“The work with the ROKPA children has left a deep impression for me. To have been together with them counts as one of the most important events in my life.“

Dr. iur. Christian Wenger, Wenger & Vieli Lawyers

"Children and family are very important to me. I admire Lea Wyler and her tireless work for the poorest children in the world."