ROKPA Headquarters

ROKPA INTERNATIONAL's head office is located in Zurich, Switzerland, in the former family home of the co-founder, Lea Wyler. The organisation is represented in 15 countries worldwide. Each of these countries has a national head office which is run by strongly committed voluntary workers.



Manuel Bassi, Graphic Designer

I am working for ROKPA because I know that we in Europe, and particularly in Switzerland, count among the privileged people of the world. Appreciating this, I would like to give others a chance in life too. With my interest and my training in graphic design I am assisting ROKPA to process images and texts in a professional way, helping to reach today's donors through brochures, flyers, etc. The fact that this can ultimately help ROKPA to implement its projects successfully is my motivation and gives me great joy at the same time. My motto is to do good and talk about it, so that ROKPA continues to have the support it needs in the future!

Regula Knellessen, Psychotherapist for children, adolescents and families

While travelling in different continents and witnessing poverty, I realized how privileged I am to live in Switzerland. Therefore, I wanted to be active for people living in impoverished countries.

Since many years, every April I have been managing the game-workshop in Kathmandu, a workshop that promotes development. It is our aim to let the ROKPA Children have some good time during their school holidays. Furthermore, we also want to give those children a stable and recurring relationship as well as to help newcomers to integrate into the group.

The children who participated in the first workshop are adults now and independent open young people. It is a pleasure and a very special experience to witness every year how well these children evolve. It also boosts my motivation to plan the next workshop.

Tereza Konate, Photographic Archive

Why am I working for ROKPA? I wanted to get involved in volunteer work and an important point for me was to link my interest in Asian countries and their culture with the overall design of the donor organisation. In this respect, ROKPA was ideal. I have been dedicating my energy to the photographic archive. I am happy that my work makes an indirect contribution to assisting children in need, enabling me to help them to have a better future.

Kaja Kurczewska, Translation

Ever since my arrival in Switzerland in 2013 I have been searching for a position which would allow me to develop both professionally and spiritually. With the voluntary engagement for ROKPA, I have found exactly that. It makes me really happy to be able to use my skills as a translator for the greater good and to help people in need. It is also great to be a part of this fantastic team of people - they have made me feel very welcome.

Henriette Levy, Donor Relations

After my voluntary work in Kathmandu/Nepal in January/February 2015 I decided to use some of my spare time to support ROKPA. I am looking forward to many interesting moments and encounters.

Marlis Luescher, WalRO Project

To see a child suffering: that's the biggest pain for me.  To do something agains it, I'm with ROKPA for over 30 years. Altough ROKPA grew a lot during the years it never lost its personal touch.

2010 I started a local group of seamstresses to create WalRO puppets: the whole revenues go to ROKPA. We, around 20 women, work with biggest joy about 5'000 hours per year.

Rita Straub, Finance

I donate my time because gifts create joy, first of all to the donor. I chose ROKPA because through their work in the Himalaya regions they support the most vulnerable people through education, culture and medical assistance.

Claire Twigger, Proofreading

I have been living and working as a translator in Switzerland for almost 10 years now. When Melanie, a good friend of mine, joined the ROKPA Team, she told me about the organisation's amazing work in Nepal. I saw this for myself when I went along to a talk by two of ROKPA's former "children", where I also met ROKPA's extremely welcoming, close-knit team. Needless to say, I was only too happy to help ROKPA with their translation needs and put my skills to good work!

Elisabeth Weiss, Thank-you letters

For six years I have been a volunteer staff member at the ROKPA office. During this time, I have gained great insight into ROKPA's various projects and activities. I like working in the ROKPA office and I am getting tremendous satisfaction from knowing that what I am doing is necessary and useful.

Eric Willimann, Donor Relations

I am aware of the fact that here in Switzerland we have more than many people in other countries. Moreover, I have looked for volunteering opportunities. Hence it gives me joy to be able to commit myself to supporting children and adults in need with ROKPA. Through my work for ROKPA I learn more about the lives of those people – which motivates me again and again to stand up for them.

Tommi Zeuggin, Choreographer

I came across ROKPA by chance. In cooperation with Lea Wyler, we work on the life stories of the ROKPA Kids through the medium of dance and theater. I cannot fully answer the question about why I am involved with ROKPA. My interests are realities and cultures which are foreign to me. In the best case scenario, both sides profit from the exchange and enrich each other’s lives. And although the cultural, social and economic conditions in Nepal differ very much from ours, the work through the body has something incredibly unifying in itself. Our bodies and deep needs are all the same. When you go along with that, the roles of helpers and those seeking help dissolve and create a bond. And that is a strong and hopeful feeling!