ROKPAs Core Values

ROKPA has been guided by the following core values for 40 years:

Respect for all

ROKPA helps people where help is needed. For us, all people are the same, whether rich or poor, and regardless of religion, origin, race and culture. When it comes to giving or receiving help, nobody is more or less important.

Valuing indigenous knowledge

We have great respect for the way of life and knowledge of local populations and our local partners. We respect people's ability to survive in the most difficult of circumstances, and bring modern knowledge to complement what is already there. It is people themselves who can decisively improve their living situation through the projects.

In Nepal for example, former beneficiaries make up part of the ROKPA workforce. Thanks to their own experiences they know the needs of the people they work with and therefore play an invaluable role in project implementation.

Helping people help themselves – Empowerment

The initiative for ROKPA projects always comes from the local population: in this way, we can be sure that each project addresses a specific need for aid. Those affected determine the way in which the help is provided. Through this initiative, they gain strength and belief in their ability to change their lives for the better, both as an individual and as a group.

Education for heart and mind

For ROKPA, education is a holistic concept: in addition to general knowledge, we attach particular importance to human development and the promotion of social skills. We accompany "our" students through their training and prepare them for an independent and self-determined life. We also make sure that girls and young women in particular are protected and supported.

You and we are a team

We do not see ourselves as a relief organization which simply collects money. Your donations enable us to do our work and our work in turn enables you to use your money wisely and sustainably. Together, wecreate a cycle informed by a common vision: to allow people in the world to live a little better. Together, we make the impossible possible.

The organisation

ROKPA president Lea Wyler and her team of experts travel for several months each year to personally review and promote ROKPA projects. A small team of permanent employees at the ROKPA headquarters in Zurich, together with numerous volunteers, is responsible for project administration and reporting to the donors.

ROKPA has a worldwide network of qualified employees who volunteer their time and knowledge. At ROKPA, much of the work is done by volunteers enabling ROKPA to use your donations efficiently and keep administrative costs low.

ROKPA’s commitment is supported by numerous well-known personalities.