Food/Living Costs: The project sponsorship that appeases hunger

Hunger and malnutrition threaten the health and performance of those affected and prevent their release from the poverty spiral. ROKPA is involved in numerous projects and distributes over 70,000 meals annually to those in need.

As a project sponsor of a "food/living costs" project, you will enable school children from the lowest social classes, needy mothers as well as homeless people to appease their hunger.

In winter, ROKPA operates a Soup Kitchen in Kathmandu/Nepal that offers meals twice a day. In Johannesburg/South Africa, we distribute food in the streets to the poorest once a week year-round. And in Cape Town/South Africa, the "Circle of Nourishment" supports poverty stricken pregnant women and new mothers once a week with nutritious food.

A project sponsorship offers you an ideal opportunity to get involved with people, who are particularly close to your heart, in a targeted manner and with little administrative effort.

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