A Project Sponsorship Changes Lives

For over 35 years, ROKPA has had experience with sponsorships that enable the efficient use of donations in developmental and collaborative work. Sign up for a sponsorship and help us by sponsoring a project with 1 franc a day or more.

Provide regular assistance to a project of your choice over an extended period of time – ideally for at least three years. This helps us keep administration costs low.

If you should change your mind at any time, you can cancel your commitment at a moment's notice. Of course, you may also decide to provide your chosen project with a one-time donation.

Five good reasons to sponsor a project

As a ROKPA sponsor, 

  1. you are part of an efficient developmental aid organization with over 35 years of experience.

  2. you will receive a sponsorship certificate yearly, including a brief overview on specific projects which were provided with aid thanks to you.

  3. you are supporting long-term, sustainable, and most of all targeted developmental aid partnerships — thanks to project sponsorships, the donations you make are sent to where they are needed most.

  4. we assure you that your donations are always used in the most optimal fashion. ROKPA has the use of the donations audited each year by external auditors.

  5. you can claim tax deductions for donations made in many countries.

Help by starting at just 1 Swiss franc/1 euro per day, with a ROKPA project sponsorship!

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