Maintaining the Knowledge of Traditional Medicine

Maintaining the knowledge of Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM) is an important mission for ROKPA: We educate young people to become Tibetan doctors who are willing to also practice in remote regions. The doctors offer precious medical advice to many people for little money, by sharing their knowledge about the herbs that are naturally growing in the mountains. At the same time ROKPA is supporting research initiatives to preserve and advance TTM.

The fast changes which have occurred in Tibetan regions in the last 50 years have almost led to the complete loss of a 2,500 year old, highly advanced healing system. There are only a few doctors left who can still practice this holistic healing method and can share their knowledge and skills. This is why it is important to train doctors in TTM.

Moreover, important herbs that are in danger of extinction are grown with the help of ROKPA. We also train the collectors of herbs to collect them in a way that allows the herbs to regrow.

In addition to the pulse / tongue diagnostics, the medicinal plants are at the heart of the TTM. Since 2008, ROKPA has gradually re-cultivated these medicinal plants and some other crops useful in TTM. For this purpose, differently situated fields and greenhouses are used. 24 plant varieties have been cultivated successfully since the start of the project.