COVID-19: The situation in our project countries

The measures to contain the outbreak of the corona virus have hit many people around the globe hard, especially the poorest of our population. While the extent of the health problem in these countries is still barely comprehensible, the economic consequences of the sometimes very restrictive lockdowns are already being felt enormously. Many people live on irregular activities and on daily income, which now suddenly disappears because of the lockdowns. The consequences are hunger and malnutrition. The existing project infrastructure and the local network allow us to remain operational and act quickly. 


Since 24 March, schools in Nepal have been closed, all public events cancelled and the government has imposed a lockdown until further notice and without any foreseeable end. This is partly implemented very restrictively: the police use violence against people who are on the streets without any reason.

Food Packages for needy families

A few days after the lockdown was imposed, ROKPA started distributing food to single mothers with several children, workers, the disabled and other vulnerable people. Naresh, a former ROKPA child, runs the Soup Kitchen and together with his wife Jyoti, takes care of the packing and distribution. 

On average, 400 food packages are distributed per week. These contain basic food and toiletries like rice, lentils and soap. 

South Africa

The lockdown in South Africa, which has been in force since 27 March, is one of the strictest in the world (level 4 of 5). It has caused the economic situation to deteriorate enormously for many people. This is particularly evident in the townships, where people live at the subsistence level and earn their income through informal, irregular and unregulated work - for example as cleaners, craftsmen, gardeners or drivers. Thousands of households, also from the middle class that has grown in recent years, have lost all their income because they have very little or no financial cushion. 

Food packages, food growing and occupation for children

In Makhaza, a township in Cape Town, together with our partner UNIMA SA, ROKPA started the project “Izandla Zobomi” which means “Hands for Life”. UNIMA is an arts and social development organization focused on the art of puppetry. The beneficiaries include people involved in the community centre: children, elderly women, church members, unemployed youths as well as performance artists and puppeteers from other townships. We support with:

  • Food packages for families in need 
  • The opening of a community garden: This will not only provide fresh vegetables and fruits for the residents, but also secure and sustainable employment opportunities and income – especially for young people.
  • Learning and teaching materials such as pens and staplers for the children in order to keep the children busy and to prevent the children from falling out of the school system. Furthermore, activities for crafting and art will be provided.

Emergency help continues ...

We plan to support further emergency aid projects in our project countries, which will be identified by our partners and contacts on site. Our broad and well established local network helps us a lot.

Together, we can overcome the crisis. Let's help together! Donate now.