Vocational Training Center in Kathmandu: the Akong Rinpoche Memorial Center

The new Vocational Training Center was inaugurated on March 4, 2018 and ROKPA is aiming high: about 50 young people and women per year will obtain training in the sectors of hospitality and textile crafts. The offer is primarily addressed to disadvantaged young people and impoverished women otherwise unable to afford a certified vocational training. Their chances on the job market will increase enormously.

ROKPA has been running two social business projects in Kathmandu for many years: the Women’s Workshop as well as the Guest House. The aim of these projects is to offer socially disadvantaged people an education and a job - long-term and self-sustaining. The new ROKPA Vocational Training Center will strengthen the vocational training in both projects.

The following projects can be realized with the new building:

  • Enlargement of the existing Women's Workshop: training and employment of around 20 women from the lowest social classes, who can also pay their children's school attendance with their income.
  • Construction of a hotel training center with school kitchen: This is intended to give young people from the poorest families access to the local working world and thus an important perspective for their own future. Each year up to 32 young people get a chance to escape poverty.
  • Expansion of the Guest House: With 7 new rooms, we are increasing capacity by around 60%. The profit from the Guest House flows completely into the financing of other ROKPA projects in Nepal, in particular the Children's Home.

ROKPA decided to name the new building after its Co-Founder, Dr Akong Tulku Rinpoche, who died in 2013, and thus commemorate him with the greatest recognition of his long-standing and inspiring work for the world's poorest.