Fighting Poverty and Emergency Help in Nepal

ROKPA gets children off the street and provides a home in the ROKPA Children's Home, provides professional training for single mothers and serves warm meals to the homeless and destitute.

The Republic of Nepal is counted amongst the poorest countries in the world. Around a quarter of the 29 million Nepalese live below the poverty line. Due to decreasing job opportunities and few educational ones in the mountain regions, migration to the Kathmandu valley is taking place. In the district of Boudhanath there are countless impoverished people who try to beg for something from the tourists and pilgrims. We provide humanitarian aid in this district.

The discrimination and exploitation of women and children is widespread. Many children and young people end up in the streets, some resort to sniffing glue in order to feel less hungry. Help us to increase their chances for a life of dignity.

Overview ROKPA Nepal Projects

Nepal: Facts and Figures


30.3 mi.
Gross domestic product per head (in US$): 2,700 (Switzerland: 62,100)
Life expectancy at birth: 71.8 Years (Switzerland: 83 Years)
Poor access to hygienic sanitation facilities: 44% (Switzerland: 0%)
Infant mortality per 1000 births: 25.1 (Switzerland: 3.5)
Underweight children under 5 years of age: 27.2% (Switzerland: 0%)
Adult literacy rate: 67.9% (78.6% of Men, 59.7% of Women

Source CIA - The World Factbook as of June 2020