Saving Lives and maintaining the Dignity

ROKPA assists the disabled and the most vulnerable in Harare and the surrounding high density and peri-urban areas: We help with food security, support HIV-patients and families with children with disabilities and provide emergency drop-in assistance for medical care.

The people in Zimbabwe are affected by great poverty: the unemployment rate is 95%, around three-quarters of the population lives below the poverty level. HIV and AIDS are widespread: every seventh adult in Zimbabwe is HIV positive; the number of AIDS orphans is almost 900,000 children and adolescents. They often have to leave the school because no one takes the school fees. Children with disabilities are often discriminated against in Zimbabwe, especially in central areas such as food and shelter, education and health care. Their mothers are often abandoned by their husband. Additional poverty for the mother and her child is the result. Finally, the health system of the country has largely collapsed. With a doctor per 16,000 inhabitants, it cannot cover even the most basic needs of the population.

Video about the ROKPA Projects in Zimbabwe

Facts & Figures

Population: 14.5 Million
Gross Domestic Produce per head (US$): 2'300 (Switzerland: 62'100)
Life expectancy at birth: 62.3 Years (Switzerland: 83 Years)
Doctors per 1000 inhabitants: 0.08 (Switzerland: 4.24)
Infant mortality in children under 1 year of age: 30.3 / 1'000 live births (Switzerland: 3.5)
Underweight children under 5 years of age: 8.5% (Switzerland: 0%)
AIDS patients: 1'300'000
AIDS Prevalence rate: 12.7%

Source CIA - The World Factbook as of June 2020