Soup Kitchen

The ROKPA soup kitchen in Johannesburg was founded in 1995 in order to give hot meals to the homeless, needy and unemployed people in the inner city. Refugees from Zimbabwe also benefit from it. In 2008 an organic garden was laid out in order to supply the soup kitchen with fresh vegetables. 

The people looking for help in the soup kitchen are unemployed South Africans or refugees from neighbouring states, in particular Zimbabwe, who have only recently arrived in the country. According to the observations of the ROKPA team and the volunteers, a constant turnover of people is noted, i.e. the soup kitchen serves as a brief stopping point for the people on their way. Recipients of aid are registered in the soup kitchen for a longer period only in very few cases. 

The ROKPA soup kitchen operates every Tuesday evening from a park in one of Johannesburg's most distressed neighbourhoods. The soup kitchen is only closed at the end of December / beginning of January, as too few volunteers are available. All the organisational work of the soup kitchen is undertaken by volunteers. The soup kitchen cannot be provided more often because of a lack of finances. 

Desired project results:

  • By distributing meals, we fulfil a basic human right in the form of food - which we so often take for granted
  • To increase the well-being of the affected people, not only with healthy, hot meals, but also by giving out blankets and clothing in the winter months
  • To awake a feeling of belonging and solidarity in people and to give them courage and hope by showing them that they are not alone and their fellow human beings donate to them and help them

Short clip about the Soup Kitchen in Johannesburg