Permaculture – Promotion of healthy, organic, ecological, local food production

House with permaculture garden

The Permaculture Project develops a space to demonstrate appropriate, sustainable food growing systems for the local context. People are being empowered to first help themselves and then their neighbours and broader communities.

Kuilfontein Valley in South Africa is a poorly developed area with high unemployment rates (80% and rising), low adult literacy, scarce resources and very little infrastructure providing health care services and education to the population.

Main activities involve:

  • The development of an ecologically designed demonstration site using appropriate and sustainable technology for land, water and energy management.
  • A training centre for the facilitation of environmental courses and skills development.
  • The establishment of healthy, organic food production as well as herbal medicine production for the site and community.
  • Income generating activities specifically focused on the preservation, production and processing of local medicinal plants.
  • A volunteer and internship program for the benefit of people interested in experiential and practical learning.

A variety of useful and medicinal plants on the property are grown organically which can then be harvested and used by the community as well as sold to generate an income.

People are able to come and learn about how to produce healthy, organic food, for good health and using principles which will benefit rather than harm the environment.