Drop-In Center

We aim to provide holistic support to urban vulnerable populations with a listening ear, proper referral, and emergency assistance using available resources in response to their many needs. We have an “open-door” policy and try to help anyone who asks - especially important now, as more people become destitute and despairing, wandering the streets in search of anything to help them and their families to survive. 

The Drop-In Center 

  • provides help for people in need who can just 'drop in' - offering a basic medical examination to establish what kind of assistance they require
  • lends a compassionate ear and whatever material help we have available
  • refers people to doctors or other aid organisations if required
  • pays for consultations and prescribed medicines for people in need
  • provides wheelchairs, crutches etc.

Beneficiaries of the ROKPA Support Network programmes or other ‘drop-ins’ come in with a variety of basic medical and other needs. Prompt once–off help can often save a whole family from falling into destitution. Requests range from purchase of spectacles, chemotherapy costs, x-rays and medical scans, hospital fees; clothes, blankets, shoes, school fees, funeral/burial assistance, food, etc. We help as much as resources allow. We also refer them to other organisations that may be able to help. 

Our main requests are for medical assistance. Fees are required at government hospitals and clinics and most cannot afford them. All requests are vetted and appropriate vouchers or referrals issued. On an average, we help about 85 people each month.