32-35 cm cuddly dolls for children of approx. 1 year and older. All dolls in this series are sold for CHF65.-

With their clothes sawed-on, because kids of this age can only take the clothes off, but not put them back on. The strengthening stitch can later be removed, and the dress can be equipped with a popper. Baby’s sleeping bag is already detachable.

Each puppet is unique!

To see an enlarged image of the puppets, please click on the chosen photo!


Mia 2B
Mia 2R / Mio 2R
Mio 2T / Mia 2T
Mi 2U
Mia 3C
Mia 3E
Mia 3H
Mia 3i
Mia 3M
Mia 3R
Mia 3T
Mia 3V
Mia 3X
Mia 4A
Mia 4C
Mia 4E


Mio 1F
Mio 1W
Mio 2B
Mio 2D
Mio 2H
Mio 2J
Mio 2N
Mio 2O
Mia 2R / Mio 2R
Mio 2S
Mio 2T / Mia 2T
Mio 2W
Mio 2X
Mio 3B
Mio 3D
Mio 3i
Mio 3J
Mio 3M
Mio 3P
Mio 3Q
Mio 3R


Baby 1Q
Baby 1X
Baby 1Y
Baby 2A
Baby 2E
Baby 2F
Baby 2K
Baby 2L
Baby 2M
Baby 2N
Baby 2P

Contact / Orders

The Wal-Ro-puppets, -changing sets and -animals can be ordered directly from:

Marlis Lüscher
1943 Praz-de-Fort
0041 27 783 22 79
marlisluescher (at) netplus.ch

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WalRoWaldorfpuppen