Women's Workshop Training - First batch finished

For the past six months, 10 women have been trained as seamstresses at the ROKPA Women's Workshop in Kathmandu. This first group of women has now completed their training successfully. In order for them to take full advantage of the course, ROKPA offers them a micro-credit to finance their own sewing machine. 6 of the women are doing an internship at the Women's Workshop, as the order situation is very good at the moment. All the women are helped with finding internships and jobs in order to to lay the foundation for an independent life.

One of the women is Kalpana: she is 24 years old and her mother died when she was just a child. Kalpana lives in a home for people with disabilities and she was very happy to be able to train at the ROKPA Women’s Workshop. She is one of the women who are now doing the internship at the Workshop.

The second group of women has started their training in the beginning of January. With this project, 20 women from poor backgrounds get the chance to start their careers as seamstresses every year.

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