Teaching English to Tibetan students - Volunteer needed

A Volunteer English Teacher is needed NOW for the Chentsa Middle School.

Chentsa is a small county town (population 50'000) in the north of Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, about 120km from Xining.  70% of the population are Tibetan.

The altitude is around 2,100m rising to over 4,000m in nearby areas.  The town itself lies on the south bank of the Yellow River and has a correspondingly warm and mild climate.  It is lively and flourishing with willow-lined streets where people gather in the summer evenings and hold circle dances.

However, the county is one of the poorest in the whole country. While this is not obvious from conditions in town, travelling to nearby villages and nomadic areas gives a very different perspective with poor infrastructure and clear poverty. This is the background that many of the students come from and all of those supported by ROKPA.

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