Seasons Greetings

Dear ROKPA Friends,
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

It's that time of the year again: warm candle light, bright children’s eyes, love is in the air – Christmas time! But while we do our best to fulfil our own children's wishes, there are many children in Kathmandu and the Tibetan highlands, even very small ones, who never receive any presents at all. These children are not allowed to be children: they are hungry and fighting for survival in the streets.   

Maili's story - reported by Lea Wyler from Kathmandu on 11 December 2014

«An hour ago, I found a 17-year old girl at the Bodhanath stupa. She was surrounded by policemen and onlookers who threatened her and beat her with sticks. Her name is Maili. She is slightly mentally retarded and incurred the ire of the crowd because she begged too aggressively and pushed people.

I stopped and saw mortal fear in her eyes. Her thin trousers were full of holes and the thin shawl around her shoulders was dirty and insufficient to keep her warm in the glacial cold. She was trembling and her left leg was bandaged. To rescue her from this threatening situation, I went up to her, took her by the hand and quickly walked off with her, leaving the angry crowd and the policemen behind us - we managed to 'lose' them.

Later I learnt that Maili has no parents, that she has frequently been raped on the streets that are her ‘home’ and that she drinks alcohol on a regular basis, as she has done since she was a small child - she learnt that from her late father.

Maili does not know what Christmas is. With your help we can surprise this girl by giving her a place in a boarding school, where she is protected. Are you the person to change Maili's life and that of many other street children for ever?»

Donate now and mark your donation either 'Education' or 'Street Children' such that we can give as many street children and orphans as possible a warm home and an education. Thank you so much for thinking of these children at Christmas.

We wish you a blissful Christmas and all the best for the New Near.

Your ROKPA team in Zurich