ROKPA's withdrawal from the Tibetan Areas of China

Having carried out a total of 457 projects since 1990, ROKPA has been one of the world's most active relief organisations in the Tibetan Highlands. After the passing of former ROKPA President Dr. Akong Tulku Rinpoche in 2013 our work in the region has become more and more difficult year by year. Akong Rinpoche – and through him ROKPA – was under the protection of the „United Front“, a Chinese Government Agency responsible for „Overseas Tibetans“.
After Rinpoche's death, ROKPA was deprived of this protection, making our efforts there too dangerous for everyone involved. We have therefore had to reluctantly and with a heavy heart announce our withdrawal from this area.

ROKPA is not an isolated case: many other relief organizations – such as the Swiss Red Cross or Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) – were forced to leave the region several years ago.

ROKPA constantly monitors the situation and is in contact with our local partners. A resumption of project activities is not excluded, but currently not foreseeable.

We have now experienced how terrible it is when – even if you want to – you are not free to help those in need anymore.
Nevertheless: ROKPA continues on its way with a strong motivation and without fail: helping where help is needed – wherever and whenever possible!

Do continue to stand by us and support our work in Nepal, South Africa and Zimbabwe with your generous donations! We cannot do this alone – we need YOU!
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