ROKPA Times November 2018

With ROKPA to independence: The aim of all ROKPA Projects is to enable disadvantaged people to lead independent lives by helping them to help themselves. One example of this is Bijay - former street child and now Co-Manager of ROKPA Nepal. In the latest issue of our magazine, he tells the story of his metamorphosis.

"One day I will never forget was the day when a woman took my hand and my life changed forever. The woman’s name is Lea Wyler, whom we lovingly call “mummy”. She stepped into
my life the moment I needed help the most. [...] Every contribution is important and has a direct impact on people’s lives. I am the living proof of this!"

Emil and Niccel Steinberger, members of the ROKPA INTERNATIONAL Patronage, write in their cover letter to the latest ROKPA Times:

"Knowing that our donations for ROKPA’s Education Projects are used in poverty stricken countries with high unemployment rates so that young people have the opportunity to learn a craft and consequently secure their future, makes it easier to give. Just like knowing that these young people will experience some interesting and enriching working days thanks to the trade they have learnt. They will also confidently look into a future that holds prospects for them."

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