ROKPA Times March 2019 - The Forgotten

ROKPA has been committed to the forgotten of this world for almost 40 years. In the latest issue of the ROKPA Times, ROKPA Volunteers report from the projects, their work and their motivation to help.

One of them is Dawa Norbu from the Nepalese mountain village Samagaun. After completing his studies in Sociology in the city, he returned to his village in order to help out the locals. Today, he volunteers as a coordinator for the local kindergarten project that is supported by ROKPA.

"My village is in desperate need of a kindergarten. While parents work, the children are exposed to risks – such as being injured by yaks or cows or falling off ladders. There is a primary school in the area, but it only admits pupils aged 7 and above and it’s a 45-minute walk away from the village. Moreover, it’s a dangerous way to school that has unfortunately already led to the death of two children who were taken by the fast-flowing stream while they were coming back home.
With the new kindergarten there will be fewer accidents, as the children will receive all-day care. The parents can concentrate on their work without having to be worried. The kindergarten will offer space for 60-75 children. The small ones will be supported in their cognitive development and will be prepared for primary school."

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