Medical Camp – ROKPA’s Covid-19 Relief in Kathmandu, Nepal

We have launched another emergency relief project in the remote areas outside Kathmandu, Nepal. In collaboration with the local authorities, we bring medical professionals to places where there is no doctor and where people are unable to travel to the capital to receive medical treatment due to the lockdowns and lack of money.

We organised our first Medical Camp in mid-June in Okhreni, a village about 1.5 hours drive from Kathmandu. This place is hard to be reached; there are no transport nor medical facilities  (the few that existed are either closed due to Covid-19 or abandoned). Consequently, it is very difficult for people to even get a paracetamol for headaches.

Approximately 60 people took advantage of our team’s help on the first day. Most came to the camp for a general health check-up or due to symptoms such as stomach aches or blood pressure problems. However, there were also patients who had Covid-19 symptoms or those who had already contracted the virus and were on the mend. With the help of the municipality, we were able to distribute food parcels, masks and soaps to approximately 500 households. Before our arrival, the people in this village did not have masks – and if they did, they were already several days old.

In the meantime, we have visited five villages and reached a total of 500 people. And it continues!

We would like to express our gratitude to the valiant professionals and volunteers. We also would like to thank all our sponsors who made this next step in the history of ROKPA and "Helping where help is needed" possible.

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