Food packages for the poorest: ROKPA goes on!

The lockdown in Nepal has been extended again – this time till 2nd of June 2020. Kathmandu has seen a surge of cases lately and is getting stricter day by day. Food shops and pharmacies are allowed to open for a limited time in the morning only. Everything else is closed. Charities which had given out food packs and sometimes cooked lunches have shut down due to lack of funds or authorities closing them down due to large gatherings.

But ROKPA continues to support them wherever and whenever possible. 400 families average per week come and receive emergency food. It is the vulnerable people like daily wage workers, single mothers with two and more children and differently abled people who suffer the most. We are now expanding our help to other areas wishing to nourish as many people as possible. Let's help together! 

A food package for a family of 4 for 1 week costs an average CHF 20. Donate now