COVID-19: Emergency Support in Cape Town

The lockdown in South Africa is one of the strictest in the world (level 4 of 5). Thousands of households, also from the middle class, have lost all their income because they have very little or no financial cushion. The consequences are hunger and malnutrition.

“Hands for Life”

In Makhaza, a township in Cape Town, together with our partner UNIMA, ROKPA started the project “Izandla Zobomi” which means “Hands for Life”. UNIMA SA is an arts and social development organization focused on the art of puppetry.

The beneficiaries include people involved in the community centre: children, elderly women, church members, unemployed youths as well as performance artists and puppeteers from other townships. We support with:

  • Food parcels for families in need for CHF 45 for 1 month
  • The opening of a community garden „Centre for Life“: This will not only provide fresh vegetables and fruits for the residents, but also secure and sustainable employment opportunities and income – especially for young people.
  • Learning and teaching materials such as pens and staplers for the children in order to keep the children busy and to prevent the children from falling out of the school system. Furthermore, activities for crafting and art will be provided.

“My children want to fundraise – and what am I doing?”

The project has emerged together with Janni Younge, award-winning puppet creator, designer and director of UNIMA. Learn in the Interview when she first came into contact with ROKPA and how she is getting along with spending CHF 45 a month on food.