Back to School – just not everywhere

While in our region school starts again, many children around the world don’t have access to education. Schools remain closed in many places due to the pandemic. As a result of the measures imposed, ROKPA’s educational services and support programs are currently limited. When we take a look at our projects countries, we can see how precarious the situation is:

Since the beginning of the pandemic, educational institutions in Zimbabwe have been opened for just three months. Around 4.5 million children are affected. This large gap in education cannot be closed easily. The country is already struggling with unemployment and educational deficits.

In Nepal, too, teaching has become difficult since the school closure. The children of the ROKPA Children’s Home can attend classes online or are taught in-house. They have to share textbooks and laptops. Often the internet connection is unstable or there is no power at all. This makes learning at home even more difficult.

“I miss classroom learning where we are taught by different teachers. It is difficult to learn all day with electronical devices. One feels dizzy and tired. In school, there are different activities that makes our day more varied.” Pratik (16) Children’s Home, Nepal

Home schooling is not possible or very limited in most countries. The families lack the resources and necessary support at home. Consequently, many children are left behind and are unable to prepare adequately for their final exams. A graduation certificate is of utmost importance for the future of these young people. That is the reason why they need your help more than ever!

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