Acute emergency situation in Nepal ***UPDATE***

Quelle: (21.05.2021)

Acute emergency situation in Nepal ***UPDATE***

ROKPA in Nepal had not been affected by Covid since last year. We are lucky, we said. But now it has hit our ROKPA family in Boudha, Kathmandu. About half of the 60 children at the Children's Home have tested positive, as well as an important member of the leadership who was brought to the hospital on Wednesday as an emergency with one of our children. 

We are faced with a mountain of questions. When will the doctors come to examine the children? How do we isolate healthy children? How do we get protective suits? Does it make sense for us to collect relief supplies in Switzerland, even though no one can travel to Nepal at the moment? Much is unclear, but one thing is certain: donations are needed. A great many of them, in fact! Because with the dramatic increase in the number of infections, the prices for essential goods such as masks, oxygen and protective suits have also skyrocketed. For more than a year we have been distributing food in different parts of Kathmandu. But we need to do more! 

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We already know that soon more children will end up on the streets. Children whose parents lacked the money to get treatment or to buy food. Children who have now lost both parents. It hurts to see and hear all this, but we can do something! Our teams in Zurich and Nepal are in constant exchange. We are looking at all possible ways to help not only our children but also the thousands of suffering people out there. One of them is the purchase of a mobile clinic to care for people in their homes and to carry out hygiene and prevention work.

Your donation will support the purchase of an ambulance and urgently needed items such as oxygen, thermometers, pulse oximeters, masks, Covid-19 tests, vitamins, painkillers, etc. For all this we are hoping to fundraise CHF 50'000 / USD 55,000 / GBP 40,000. 

We ask you today for your generous support so that we can help quickly where help is so urgently needed now.

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