Music teacher for Children’s Home

We are looking for a music teacher (guitar, violin, piano, flute etc.) who is interested in working for the ROKPA Children’s Home in Boudha, Kathmandu. Ideally you will be taking care of the children’s musical progress for a long-term and with a regularity of schedule.

If your availability doesn’t allow a longer commitment, there is also the possibility to organize a workshop with the kids during their vacations (for example during a period of one month). Are you an exceptionally gifted musician (as a hobby or professionally) and have experience in teaching music to children and teenagers? And are you comfortable in communicating in English? If Yes, then please contact us with the following information: musical skills (for how long are you playing the instrument, and which instrument?) and your know-how (skills/level). Also important to inform you, that you will have to pay for your stay yourself because we haven’t got the budget for this purpose. We are looking for enthusiastic and inspiring musicians and are happy to hear from you!