Lupiya Family

Immediate support of the Lupiya children - a family with no parents in Kambuzuma, Harare (Zimbabwe).

The story of the Lupiya family is extremely moving. Bright, Tanatswa, Takudzwa und Patrick – a family with no parents in Kambuzuma, Harare (Zimbabwe). In spring 2018 the father left the family. The mother was suffering from depression and struggling to cope with the situation. So much so that in December 2019 she left the children.

The children live in a tiny and dirty room, where they are completely reliant upon themselves. They had not been able to pay their monthly rent of $10 but the owner of the room had offered that they can anyway stay in the room. Bright (14), the eldest child, one of the highest achieving students and is therefore being supported with books and school fees. He is therefore the only one of the family that can go to school. Whereas, Tanatswa (12) and Takudzwa (8) must for the foreseeable future stay at home with Patrick (3).

Two members of the ROKPA network in Zimbabwe have immediately informed us about this very sad situation that the children are in. As a result we have been able to react quickly and make funds available for gas, food, school uniforms as well as settle outstanding rent.