Sauver des vies: l'aide médicale d'urgence

ROKPA est en train de sauver des vies en fournissant un financement pour des interventions urgentes mineures et plus importantes. Nous soutenons les pauvres; notre organisation aide les personnes sans argent qui sont dans le besoin. ROKPA fournit un secours d'urgence et organise les traitements nécessaires pour les enfants malades ou blessés, ainsi que pour les adultes.

Dans les régions tibétaines de la Chine l'assurance médicale publique n'est pas offerte par l'État. Chaque année, des milliers de Tibétains meurent de maladies ou d'infections qui auraient pu être traitées avec succès, mais qui ne l'étaient pas, en raison de l'insuffisance de fonds.

Prohibitive operation to rescue an infant

22 year old Yangzom Chutso from Yushu is the mother of a 6 month old baby. The boy has suffered from an anomaly in his abdomen since birth. When urinating, the urine flows out of his navel. His belly is also very inflamed in this area.

Yangzom Chutso was referred to the hospital in Xining by her doctor in Yushu. There, an operation was recommended, which, however, can only be carried out by specialists in Chengdu or Beijing. The surgery costs together with the hospital stay equivalent to about 40,000 francs - unaffordable for the single mother who works in Yushu in a restaurant.

Yangzom Chutso launched a collection campaign with friends and family members. When ROKPA heard of her situation, she had about half the sum required. Since the operation had to be carried out as quickly as possible, ROKPA paid the mother some of the missing funds from the medicine fund.