Emergency situation in Nepal

*** Update of November, 10th 2021 ***

On the road with the mobile clinic

Since mid-June, the ROKPA mobile clinic has been on the road visiting remote villages in Nepal to provide medical care and information on hygiene and prevention.
The demand is huge! Because in this area, people have practically no access to basic medical care. Wherever our mobile clinic arrives, people are queuing up. It quickly became clear that the mobile clinic which arose out of an emergency situation, has taken up an important task and will be needed way beyond this pandemic.

Our medical team of one doctor and two nurses plans the missions in cooperation with the local authorities. Our team travels up to 11 hours to reach the poorest of the poor. Within three months, we were able to provide medical care to around 5,275 people in 42 villages – most of them where elderly people, women and children.

In order for the mobile clinic to be permanently on the road and for people to be treated longer term, we continue to need your support! Assignments that can last several days, cost money and require one’s own vehicle. Please donate now and help to give people access to basic health care.

*** Update of June, 24th 2021 ***

Medical Camp – ROKPA’s Covid-19 Relief in Kathmandu, Nepal

We have launched another emergency relief project in the remote areas outside Kathmandu, Nepal. In collaboration with the local authorities, we bring medical professionals to places where there is no doctor and where people are unable to travel to the capital to receive medical treatment due to the lockdowns and lack of money.

We organised our first Medical Camp in mid-June in Okhreni, a village about 1.5 hours drive from Kathmandu. This place is hard to be reached; there are no transport nor medical facilities  (the few that existed are either closed due to Covid-19 or abandoned). Consequently, it is very difficult for people to even get a paracetamol for headaches.

Approximately 60 people took advantage of our team’s help on the first day. Most came to the camp for a general health check-up or due to symptoms such as stomach aches or blood pressure problems. However, there were also patients who had Covid-19 symptoms or those who had already contracted the virus and were on the mend. With the help of the municipality, we were able to distribute food parcels, masks and soaps to approximately 500 households. Before our arrival, the people in this village did not have masks – and if they did, they were already several days old.

In the meantime, we have visited five villages and reached a total of 500 people. And it continues!

We would like to express our gratitude to the valiant professionals and volunteers. We also would like to thank all our sponsors who made this next step in the history of ROKPA and "Helping where help is needed" possible.

*** Update of May, 21st 2021 ***

The number of COVID-19 cases has increased dramatically in recent weeks. Almost every second person tested is COVID-positive (the official figures are not correct!). The consequence of this are overcrowded hospitals (patients are lying in the corridors and at the entrances), lack of oxygen, far too few doctors and nursing staff - the situation is desperate, there is a lack of everything.

And there is a lack of money.

For those who are lucky enough to be admitted into hospital, a bed costs between CHF 55 and CHF 400 per day! Every doctor's visit, every medication – everything has to be paid extra. The poor cannot even afford a single mask for a few pennies. 

For more than a year we have been distributing food in different parts of Kathmandu. But we need to do more! We are planning to set up a mobile clinic to care for people in their homes and to carry out hygiene and prevention work. For this we need your help! Your donation will support the purchase of an ambulance and urgently needed items such as oxygen, thermometers, pulse oximeters, masks, COVID-19 tests, vitamins, painkillers, etc. For all this we are hoping to fundraise CHF 50,000 / USD 55,000 / GBP 40,000. 

We ask you today for your generous support so that we can help quickly where help is so urgently needed now. Thank you very much!


Since 24 March, schools in Nepal have been closed, all public events cancelled and the government has imposed a lockdown until further notice and without any foreseeable end. This is partly implemented very restrictively: the police use violence against people who are on the streets without any reason.

Food Packages for needy families

A few days after the lockdown was imposed, ROKPA started distributing food to single mothers with several children, workers, the disabled and other vulnerable people. Naresh, a former ROKPA child, runs the Soup Kitchen and together with his wife Jyoti, takes care of the packing and distribution. 

On average, 400 food packages are distributed per week. These contain basic food and toiletries like rice, lentils and soap. 

South Africa

The lockdown in South Africa, which has been in force since 27 March, is one of the strictest in the world (level 4 of 5). It has caused the economic situation to deteriorate enormously for many people. This is particularly evident in the townships, where people live at the subsistence level and earn their income through informal, irregular and unregulated work - for example as cleaners, craftsmen, gardeners or drivers. Thousands of households, also from the middle class that has grown in recent years, have lost all their income because they have very little or no financial cushion. 

Food packages, food growing and occupation for children

In Makhaza, a township in Cape Town, together with our partner UNIMA SA, ROKPA started the project “Izandla Zobomi” which means “Hands for Life”. UNIMA is an arts and social development organization focused on the art of puppetry. The beneficiaries include people involved in the community centre: children, elderly women, church members, unemployed youths as well as performance artists and puppeteers from other townships. We support with:

  • Food packages for families in need 
  • The opening of a community garden: This will not only provide fresh vegetables and fruits for the residents, but also secure and sustainable employment opportunities and income – especially for young people.
  • Learning and teaching materials such as pens and staplers for the children in order to keep the children busy and to prevent the children from falling out of the school system. Furthermore, activities for crafting and art will be provided.


Food parcels in Chitungwiza 

The local staff of ROKPA's Zimbabwe RSN (ROKPA Support Network) identified needy families and distributed food parcels. This emergency aid has so far reached about 500 households in 5 areas in and around Harare. A food parcel costs CHF 27 and lasts a family of 4 for 6 weeks and includes flour, rice, oil, salt, soy, beans, peanut butter, tea, sugar and soap.

Food parcels are only distributed to people who have been identified in advance by RSN and where possible, home visits have taken place. Otherwise, the risk of people reselling the food and using the money to obtain drugs is relatively high. To prevent this, but still reach the neediest people, ROKPA also supports two local soup kitchens with food.