Medicine: The project sponsorship that heals

The ROKPA Medical Program is based on two main pillars: improving basic medical care and emergency relief. With this approach, we achieve long-term changes, but also provide immediate relief in acute but also supposedly minor health problems.

The ROKPA medical projects include focal points for health problems and for the prevention of diseases. The offer is aimed at people in need who cannot afford the necessary treatment themselves.

In this way, ROKPA supports approximately ten village practices in the Tibetan areas of China. They are partially operated by former ROKPA beneficiaries who, thanks to ROKPA, were able to complete their school education including a medical degree. In Nepal, the Soup Kitchen is complemented every winter with a medical ambulatory. Also in Harare / Zimbabwe, the so-called "Drop-In Center", together with a ROKPA doctor, takes care of the medical care for the poorest.

A project sponsorship offers you an ideal opportunity to get involved with people, who are particularly close to your heart, in a targeted manner and with little administrative effort.

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