Education: The project sponsorship that paves the way out of poverty

Educational projects are at the heart of ROKPA. Every year, ROKPA provides education for around 5,000 children, adolescents and young adults. With the ‘Education’ sponsorship, you are sending many more children and young people to school.

In all targeted countries, ROKPA is involved in education projects. Most of the students ROKPA supports are in the Tibetan areas of China: from the primary schoolchildren to the university students, ROKPA supports children, adolescents and young adults through their entire educational path.

While the development of vocational training centers around the construction of the new ROKPA training center in Nepal, assistance in Zimbabwe focuses on children with disabilities and in South Africa on early childhood education.

A project sponsorship offers you an ideal opportunity to get involved with people, who are particularly close to your heart, in a targeted manner and with little administrative effort.

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