Basic Medical Care

ROKPA is supporting existing health care centers and is helping to build new hospitals. Our organization pays salaries for doctors and medical personnel (we pay full salaries or offer part funding depending on urgency). We also support the production of Tibetan herbs as well as buying urgently needed Western medicines.

The projects which ROKPA supports are largely in the rural, sparsely populated areas of the Eastern Tibetan areas of China. Many villages have no streets and are only accessible via gravel roads. Thus, large distances and high costs make access to basic medical care difficult.

Beside food, basic medical care is indispensable for our lives. Tibetan medicine is the traditional form of treatment: people know and accept it, and it is affordable. Tibetan medicine can be applied to a broad range of diseases in an effective and meaningful way.

Depending on their situation, patients pay for treatment, however they are also treated for free if they don’t have enough money. In some cases ROKPA pays for urgently needed visits to hospitals.

Video about ROKPA clinic in the Tibetan highlands