Securing Medical Care

ROKPA is actively supporting doctors’ practices in the Tibetan areas of China, where over 15,000 patients are treated every year. Our organisation provides gifted students with the opportunity to study Tibetan medicine. After graduation the young doctors return to practice medicine in their home villages, thus ensuring the provision of health care in remote regions.  

The rough climate, sparse vegetation and limited nutrition cause many inhabitants of these remote areas of Eastern Tibet to suffer from acute health problems: tuberculosis, liver and gallbladder diseases as well as other chronic, untreated and very often deadly medical conditions.

Poverty is a major problem and results in many people not being able to afford medical treatment. Moreover, there is a shortage of doctors; on average, one doctor is responsible for the care of 15,000 people (in Switzerland there is one doctor for every 244).

The hospitals in the Tibetan highlands often have to manage with rudimentary infrastructure, and the supply of Western medicine is very often unreliable and expensive. This is why ROKPA is supporting the conservation of knowledge and treatment methods of Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM). Treatment methods of TTM are cheap and in many cases highly effective.

ROKPA is not only saving lives by offering unbureaucratic, direct medical support in the short term, but we are also building a system for basic medical care that works in the long term and will benefit tens of thousands of people.