Literacy: The Key to the Modern World

ROKPA promotes literacy courses for young adults, so that even people from educationally deprived families have the opportunity to find a place in the modern working world.

Literacy is a tool for breaking the vicious cycle of ignorance, poverty, hunger and illness. Many young people, most of them from nomad families, have never been to school in their lives. ROKPA therefore promotes courses in which they learn to read and write.

Literacy Project in Qinghai, East Tibet

For economic reasons, nomadic peoples are increasingly attracted to the surrounding cities. Since many of them can neither read nor write, it is difficult or impossible to find a job in the urban regions. With its literacy project, ROKPA significantly improves their labor market opportunities. 50 pupils aged between 16 and 33 are trained each year.

Teachers report that the students are very motivated. "I have had the experience that older students are very curious and eager to learn. They know that mastering the language is the key to success", a teacher reports. With monthly tests the school ensures the learning progress.

Those who take part in the literacy project perceive this as a privilege. "I was not allowed to stay at my former school because I was too old. When I took my education here, I realized how good the teachers are. I learn much faster than before. It is my wish to become a good teacher myself. I hope one day to help many people who have a similar background like me", a 22-year-old student said.