Drop-In Centers

For over a decade ROKPA‘s partner, the ROKPA Support Network, has been running a Drop-In and Referral Center (DIC) in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe. In 2019, an additional center was opened in Chitungwiza, a suburb of Harare. The DICs are a contact point for people seeking help of all kinds and the staff are confronted with a wide range of requests.

Personalised help for individual journeys

Sometimes, people come directly from the streets to ask for medication and food. Others, for example, need walking aids, artificial limbs, glasses or blankets, or are looking for assistance with the payment of school fees or funerals. Most requests are medical in nature. Medical treatment in Zimbabwe is very expensive and the majority of people cannot afford health care. ROKPA covers the costs of appointments with a local doctor as well as the cost of medication. This prevents families becoming destitute.

The Drop-In Center 

  • provides basic medical examination to establish what kind of assistance they require
  • refers people to doctors or other aid organisations if required
  • pays for consultations and prescribed medicines for people in need
  • provides wheelchairs, crutches etc.

For every single person, we lend a compassionate ear and whatever material help we have available. In 2019, the DIC Chitungwiza helped 2,480 people.