Saving Lives and Maintaining the Dignity of the Susceptible in Zimbabwe

ROKPA Support Network assists the disabled and the most vulnerable in Harare and the surrounding high density and peri-urban areas, helping with food security, HIV, disability, self-help therapy and emergency drop-in assistance for medical care. We support parents of children with disabilities, people affected by HIV and other vulnerable people and also cater for their psychological wellbeing. Zimbabwe’s economy is in crisis – public education and health systems are failing. Please help us provide a safety net for those whose world has been turned upside down!

Economic and social upheavals have brought great poverty to this country in recent years. Life is becoming increasingly desperate as unemployment currently stands at over 80% and the healthcare system continues to collapse.

One of Zimbabwe’s greatest problems is the prevalence of HIV/AIDS, with one of the world’s highest per capita levels of HIV infection, some three thousand Zimbabweans dying of AIDS and associated illnesses every week. 

The lack of healthy food, clean water and essential medicines have cut the average life expectancy of HIV-infected mothers to less than five years, and the number of orphans has soared to over 1.6 million.  These young orphans are traumatised and often have to quit school because school fees become unaffordable. Without parental care and guidance, these children often fall into a life of crime, whilst teenagers are exposed to the dangers of HIV infection. 

Video about the ROKPA Projects in Zimbabwe

Facts & Figures

Population:13.7 Million (Switzerland: 8.1 Million)
Gross Domestic Produce per head (US$):2'000 (Switzerland: 55'200)
Life expectancy at birth:56 Years (Switzerland: 82 Years)
Doctors per 1000 inhabitants:0.06 (Switzerland: 4.08)
Infant mortality in children under 5 years of age:26.55 / 1'000 live births (Switzerland: 3.73)
Underweight children under 5 years of age:11.2% (Switzerland: none)
AIDS patients:1'390'300 (Switzerland: 18'000)
AIDS Prevalence rate: 15% (Switzerland: 0.4%)

  Source: CIA - The World Factbook as of 16th of June 2015.