Helping where help is needed

ROKPA helps where humanitarian aid is exceptionally difficult, but desperately needed. The work of ROKPA is primarily concentrated upon education, medicine, nourishment and culture.

ROKPA attaches great importance to the self-help approach. Education has proven to be the most efficient way of assisting people in need to escape the poverty trap and to protect themselves against being exploited and abused. This is why ROKPA, through our education schemes, prepares disadvantaged children and adults for a self-determined life.

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Nepalese ROKPA-Kids

ROKPA gets children off the street, provides professional training for single mothers and serves warm meals to the homeless and destitute.

ROKPA-Projects in Nepal


ROKPA is one of the most active organisations in the world aiding more than 6 million Tibetans in the Tibetan areas of China.

ROKPA-Projects in the Tibetan areas of China


Zimbabwe has a very high rate of HIV/AIDS, with one in four children being an orphan. ROKPA is responding with a family support programme.

South Africa

ROKPA is setting up an aid and support programme for families affected by HIV/AIDS, as well as running a street kitchen.

ROKPA-Projects in Africa