ROKPA Times March 2017: For strong girls and women

The women in our project countries are often particularly poverty-stricken. Whether they have been left by their husbands or widowed, they must provide for the family on their own. It is also often up to the daughters to take...


New ROKPA project: Tikologo Permaculture in South Africa

The Tikologo Permaculture Project aims to develop a space to demonstrate appropriate, sustainable food growing systems for the local context. The goal is to empower people to first help themselves and then their neighbours and...


Update on the new ROKPA building in Kathmandu

Construction works on the „Akong Rinpoche Memorial Center“ in Boudha, Kathmandu are making good progress. As well as housing the planned hotel management training school for young people from the Children’s Home and others...


Short film about the ROKPA Medical Program in Eastern Tibet

ROKPA is committed to enhance basic medical care in the Tibetan areas of China since many years. Watch this short film about one of the clinics ROKPA supports >


New ROKPA charity in Great Britain

Dear Friends and Supporters of the ROKPA humanitarian projects We are very happy to inform you that ROKPA, Akong Rinpoche’s humanitarian charitable work, will continue in Great Britain following the closure of the ROKPA UK...

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