Original Schellen-Ursli based upon Alois Carigiet's illustrated book

The body and dress are knit with high quality wool; the head is made of doll jersey, same as our other puppets.
The jackets and trousers can be taken off. Schellen-Ursli wears a Treichel (a cowbell) made of brass on a faux leather belt, with an embroidered Edelweiss border.
Our Ursli is 35-38cm large (depending on knitter) and costs 75 Swiss Francs.

If you are planning a trip to Schellen-Ursli's homeland, you will find him in the small non-profit shop SGABUZ in Sent (Sins), or you can of course also order him at the address below.

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Contact / Orders

All Wal-Ro items can be ordered directly from:

Marlis Lüscher
1943 Praz-de-Fort
0041 27 783 22 79
marlisluescher (at) netplus.ch

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WalRoWaldorfpuppen