ROKPA Times June – Annual Report 2017

The ROKPA Annual Report 2017 has been published. 2017 was a year full of challenges: In addition to the realization and planning of ongoing projects, the opening of our Vocational Training Center in Nepal took center stage. Thanks to your generous support, in March of this year we were able to open it.

Since mid-May, around 30 young people from the poorest backgrounds have started their training in the hospitality sector. Starting this summer, more women will receive sewing training in the Women’s Workshop. For these single mothers from the lowest social strata it is a chance for an independent life.

Hopeful news is coming from Africa, too: in Zimbabwe in the previous year we were able to support over 2000 underprivileged people, for example with medical aid, child care or family gardens for self-sufficiency. Also in South Africa the plight of many destitute people was alleviated, for example by meals from the ROKPA soup kitchen or with maternity packages for new mothers affected by poverty.

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