New water project in Nepal – cooperation with former ROKPA Child

New water project in Nepal: The project aims to improve the economic and social situation for the people living in a rural area about 30 km East of Kathmandu, Nepal. Due to the devastating earthquake in Nepal all the nearest water resources have dried up. Because of this all the women living in the area have to walk about one hour to reach the nearest source. The communities therefore are currently suffering from a lack of access to clean and adequate drinking water.

The project was initiated by Ram Hari, one of the first children supported by ROKPA in Nepal. Today, the 37 year old is running his own Children’s Home. ROKPA supports this water project with funding and expertise.

The beneficiaries will be 6 small villages (100people) and a primary school (Kindergarten to class 7) with about 175 pupils.

Impact of this project:

  • The safe water supply increases the health situation of the people living in the area and of the pupils in the primary school.
  • The time to fetch water for rural women and girls is reduced from 1-2 hours to 5 minutes, meaning they will be able to use their time otherwise
  • With better water supply they can grow vegetables for their needs.

Moreover, the implementation of this project will also contribute in achieving the millennium development and safe drinking water goal of the nation.