COVID-19: Update about Zimbabwe from April 30th, 2020

Help for homeless people in Harare, Zimbabwe: In Harare there are many people living on the streets - among them are often young people or those with a mental illness. They only survive by begging. With the current lockdown situation, however, this small source of income is now also disappearing. The government has therefore organised temporary accommodation for these homeless people. There are three houses in total, all of them located about 25 km outside of Harare. At the moment there are about 270 people in the shelters: 162 men, 15 women and 92 children.

They are provided with food and blankets, but most of them also need medical care. Some of the adults suffer from venereal diseases, HIV or other diseases or have injuries. ROKPA's project partner was able to organise a doctor to carry out consultations. Two volunteers assist him. In addition to the treatments, the doctor educates the patients about how to conduct themselves safely during the corona crisis and shows them the hygiene measures. In a country like Zimbabwe, social distancing is very difficult to implement because not only is space very limited, people also live together in very confined spaces, especially in the cities. Therefore even minimal hygiene standards can hardly be maintained.

What are the prospects in Zimbabwe?

The lockdown continues, at least until May 4th, 2020. The number of cases remains relatively low, but hospitals are still not prepared for the pandemic. Many people in Zimbabwe live from day to day, in unregulated employment and are therefore wholly dependent on income. If they cannot work because of the lockdown, whole families starve.

A doctor's consultation costs 7.70 Swiss francs per person, medicines on average 9.60 Swiss francs. Even with a small amount of money you can help the poorest people in Zimbabwe. Donate now