New ROKPA charity in Great Britain

Dear Friends and Supporters of the ROKPA humanitarian projects

We are very happy to inform you that ROKPA, Akong Rinpoche’s humanitarian charitable work, will continue in Great Britain following the closure of the ROKPA UK office in Samye Ling!

A new charity has been established in London, called “ROKPA GB”.  This new charity will continue over 30 years of ROKPA work in the UK and we will work closely with ROKPA INTERNATIONAL to make sure that funds can be directed to ROKPA’s projects in the most effective way.

Our supporters and volunteers are incredibly precious to us. As we're starting a new charity we urgently need all our friends, new and old, to send us their contact details so that we can keep you posted on all the ROKPA news as well as our fundraising and volunteering opportunities.  Could you please do this right now so we can make a positive start into the new year with your full support.

To get in contact with ROKPA GB:

ROKPA GB has been set up as a charitable company limited by guarantee (which is very common for charities) and its company number is 10478336.  We will be working closely with ROKPA INTERNATIONAL and our trustees all have a strong connection with ROKPA.  Lea Wyler, the Co-Founder of ROKPA, worked closely with Akong Rinpoche for 35 years and is the current President of ROKPA INTERNATIONAL, John Henry is a lawyer and has worked with Samye Ling and ROKPA for over 15 years and Jill Dawson worked as a producer with the BBC and produced the BBC ROKPA promotional film.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity in the past and ROKPA GB hopes you can continue to be part of the ever growing ROKPA Family.  The new ROKPA team looks forward to working with you and counts on you to continue your support – to help where Akong Rinpoche wanted it to be given.

With best wishes.

The Trustees of ROKPA GB