COVID-19: Emergency aid in Achham, Nepal

A bit of colour for this difficult time: With Masks 4 Health we have started another COVID-19 project in Nepal through our project partner beartsy: A network of women in Achham sews and distributes reusable hygiene masks with changeable filters. As in other remote regions of Nepal, the population in Achham not only lacks access to medicine, but also to information. Therefore, also educational work about hygiene measures is being done. Around 15,000 people are to be reached with masks, soaps and education. 

With Food 4 Returnees, around 7,000 people will receive food at the same time. These are people who lost their jobs abroad - mostly in India - and have now returned to Nepal. Isolated and without food they are currently in quarantine centres. We support the local government so that they can buy and distribute food twice a day.