ROKPA Times March 2018: Vocational training – foundation for an independent life

On March 4th, 2018 the Akong Rinpoche Memorial Center in Kathmandu, Nepal, has been festively inaugurated. The multifunctional building hosts the ROKPA Hospitality Training: a new ROKPA Project where up to 32 disadvantaged young...


New project: ROKPA Hospitality Vocational Training

The ROKPA Hospitality Vocational Training in Kathmandu, Nepal, provides the opportunity for young people to follow an exceptional one year course which focuses on the hospitality industry. The ROKPA Hospitality Vocational...


March 4th 2018: Inauguration of the Akong Rinpoche Memorial Center in Boudha, Kathmandu

After nearly two years of construction, the Akong Rinpoche Memorial Center (ARMC) in Kathmandu will be opened on March 4th 2018. It houses the ROKPA Hospitality Training Center as well as the ROKPA Women’s Workshop with a...


Film about ROKPA Projects in Nepal

Check out the latest short film about the ROKPA Projects in Nepal. Former ROKPA Children, now responsible for the projects, give an insight in their field of work: Anju and Bijay to the ROKPA Children's HomeHemraj to the ROKPA...


ROKPA Times Special Issue: The World of ROKPA Children

This edition of the ROKPA Times is a very special one. The ROKPA Children in Nepal were responsible for all its content. Thanks to your support, former street children, now educated and well looked after, are giving us an insight...

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